The New Home Health Care Approach to Dementia

October 9th, 2014

The National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHCH) has recently suggested a new approach to home care and dementia, called “person-centered memory care”. And, if you’re a follower of our blog, you may notice that this term is closely related to another relatively new term in home health care called “person-centered care”.

According to the NAHCH, and the non-profit center for the wellbeing of the elderly called the Eden Alternative, dementia care in home health care should be based on the principle of “deeply knowing” the individual one is assisting. This allows one with dementia’s care to be “framed through their eyes”, and home health care workers and caregivers to better establish a care plan that is based on the needs, wants, and desires of the individual; which includes adhering to a client’s daily routines, focusing on their passions, and respecting their dietary and lifestyle habits.

The end result, according to the Eden Alternative, is better care, more passionate care that increases social interaction, and a care plan that focuses more on the client as an individual, rather than a disease. Additionally, person-centered care for those with dementia helps to establish a sense of dignity, and aims to enhance the wellbeing of the client.

At Alliance Home Health Care, person-centered care has always been our priority, and we are glad that it is picking up traction in the home health care community. We use this philosophy in our unique Nostalgia Program, a program aimed at discovering a client’s passions and loves and focusing on nurturing them to help build a positive feeling of self-worth in those with dementia. If you would like to learn more about person-centered memory care, or our Nostalgia Program, please feel free to contact one of our trusted Care Advisors at 317-581-1100.






Using Medicare and Medicaid with Home Health Care

October 6th, 2014

One of the more “gray areas” we come across in the discussion of home health care is: does Medicare and Medicaid cover home health care services? And, surprisingly to some, the answer is, in many cases, yes.

But there are a few requirements with Medicare and Medicaid.

First, the company you choose for home health care has to be Medicare certified. This means that the company meets the high quality standards of Medicare. And, in the case of us here at Alliance Home Health Care, we are a certified Medicare and Medicaid provider.

Second, there are also a few provisions for qualifying for Medicare and Medicaid. In order to qualify, a doctor must certify that you need one or more of the following services:

■ Intermittent skilled nursing care

■ Physical therapy

■ Speech-language pathology services

■ Continued occupational therapy

Additionally, a doctor must also certify that you are homebound. Meaning, due to your condition, leaving your home is not recommended by doctors.

However, if you do qualify for this type of coverage, it is also important to do your research to make sure the company you choose covers your specific needs. For instance, one company may be qualified for speech and occupational therapy, but not skilled nursing. And, in this instance, if you need skilled nursing and would like it to be covered under Medicare or Medicaid, then you would have to find a different company.

But no need to worry, if you choose Alliance Home Health Care for your needs, we are certified in all Medicare and Medicaid covered areas.

Keep in mind, though, that navigating Medicare and Medicaid coverage can sometimes be a tricky topic. As always, if you would like more help in understanding your Medicare and Medicaid coverage and how it can help your home health care, feel free to call one of our knowledgeable Care Advisors at 317-581-1100.