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Friday, July 7th, 2017


By: Max Komarov

Sleep is important. It impacts our health, as well as our day- to- day productivity. We want to do more, be more active, accomplish new things each day, but sometimes something simple as a bad night sleep can ruin our day. As a home care company we understand your need for better sleep, and we want to help you be at your best each day.

Six in ten healthcare professionals do not feel that they have enough time to have a discussion with their patients about insomnia during regular office visits (NSF). One night of bad sleep will not have a long-term effect on you, but when that one bad night turns into four or five bad nights, your body can start experiencing certain side effects. So here are some things you can do to help yourself.

Support your body’s natural rhythms: Try to go to sleep at the same time every day. It is important for your body to have a schedule. In addition, it is recommended that individuals avoid sleeping in, because it disrupts the sleeping pattern. Lastly, avoid long mid-day naps. 30-45 minutes is the recommended time for a “power nap”.

Control your exposure to light: Your body needs sunlight as much as anything else in this world. Exposing yourself to sunlight in the morning can help you to wake up, but too much sunlight can make you tired. Next, balance the time that is spent indoors vs outdoors. Spending too much time indoors can make you tired. Lastly, avoid bright electronic devices two hours prior to sleep.

Exercise and Diet: Studies show that regular exercisers sleep better and feel less sleepy during the day. Regular exercise also improves symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea, and increases the amount of time you spend in the deep, restorative stages of sleep. In addition to exercises, diet is also important. Three things to avoid prior to sleep: caffeine, alcohol, and large meals.

Clearing you head: Relaxation is beneficial for everyone, especially for those struggling with sleep. There are three things that you can do which can help you to clear your head and relax: deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualizing a peaceful place.

So there you have it, all these things can potentially help you with sleep. This blog is created for entertainment purposes only, and is not a substitute for advice from doctors.



Senior Care Tips: Three Sweet Reasons to Go Ahead and Order Dessert

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


Today is National Dessert Day. Is it really a legitimate holiday or just an excuse made up by some restaurant to get people to come in and grab a slice of pie or scoop of ice cream? There’s probably an answer to that, but does anyone really want to know or just accept the fact that today you have a reason to go ahead and take a look at the dessert menu.

And since you’re browsing the menu any way, here’s a few reasons why going for the dessert may not be a bad idea any way.

The Power of Chocolate:

As a home health care and senior care company, we at Alliance Home Health Care take a particular interest, naturally, in the health of seniors as they get older; that means taking an interest in health issues that typically affect seniors. And it just so happens that chocolate seems to find its way into this research a lot more than you would actually think. For example, some research suggests that eating a dark chocolate when we are younger may reduce the risk of stroke. While other research shows that chocolate can actually help reduce age-related memory loss. Great news for those involved in the senior care, home health care, and caregiving industries.

A spot of coffee, perhaps:

When it comes to coffee and your health, more and more research is suggesting more good news than bad when it comes to your health. Some of the benefits that have been found in various studies are a reduced risk of type-2 Diabetes, stroke, improved heart health, and that coffee could even help liver function.

Just don’t overdo it, researchers suggest. Like everything in life, sip your cup of Joe in moderation.

A sprinkle of fruit:

While it may be hard to “mentally digest” the fact of fruit for dessert, just consider the fact that most fruit is sweet and tasty. Does that work? Ok, well then consider the healthy fact that many fruits have been shown to do great things for senior health.

For instance, studies have shown that blueberries are good for brain function, and apples are rich in antioxidants that can potentially help improve heart health.

So, there you have it.  A few good reasons to not feel so bad about celebrating National Dessert Day. And feel free to pass this information along to any senior care, home health care, or any one interested in dessert or senior health.


As always, this blog is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace any advice of a doctor.