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Halloween With 7 Billion Friends: Helping Others Can Be The Best Treat You Ever Get Today.

Monday, October 31st, 2011

It’s Halloween today, but this day is even more special than just an opportunity to dress up as a fantasy and give out candy.

On this day, we have officially surpassed 7-Billion residents of Earth.

But, in some ways, today is just like any other for an Alliance Home Health Caregiver. Today is another opportunity to do what they love and make the world a better place for the people they care about.

Whether that means helping a client rediscover the seemingly tiny moments in their life that have made such a big impact on them, or providing simple companionship that so many of us take for a granted in such a big world, our caregivers are doing everything they can to make a world of difference for a special person.


And you can do the same on this day of tricks and treats. Today, we ask that you recognize that to the world someone may be one person, but to them, you are the world.

Whether it is something as simple as reminding a friend or loved one that they are loved, or helping them with a simple chore around the house, the littlest things can mean the world to them.

And, who knows? The smile on their face and the loving gleam in their eyes may just be the best treat you get all Halloween.

Happy Halloween,

From all of us at Alliance Home Health Care.


We Want Your Feedback: GPS Shoes for Alzheimer’s Patients, Can They Work?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011






We want your opinion on a hot topic in the health industry today:

GTXCorp, a shoe developer, has recently developed footwear with built-in GPS devices specifically designed for Alzheimer’s patients. The plan, according to GTX, is for the shoes to provide instant feedback to the locations of those suffering from Alzheimer’s at all times.

According to the article in Yahoo, studies have shown that 60% of those suffering from Alzheimer’s are likely to wander during the initial stages of the disease, and the shoes could help locate those who accidentally leave the house.

The program that comes with GPS can allow caregivers to set up an invisible “geofence” to alert them if a client has wandered. Allowing caregivers the security of knowing where a loved one is at all times.

And we want to know, is this a good idea? Can the shoes actually help, or are there other less intrusive ways to help those we love?

Leave a comment below and let’s have a conversation.