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62-Year-Old-Man Running From Georgia To California To Raise Money for Alzheimer’s

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Jack Fussell is 62-years-old, and today he should be heading into Little Rock, Arkansas. But he’s not getting there by car or train. Instead, Arkansas is another stop on his daily 18-mile-runs across the country.

Yes, Fussell is running across the country at the age of 62, and he’s doing it to raise awareness and money in the quest to end Alzheimer’s.

Inspired by his late father’s passing due to the disease, Fussell decided it was time to do something extraordinary in the fight against the disease. So, in January of this year, Fussell took off on foot from Georgia en-route to California, running 18-miles-a-day at a 3 mile-per-hour pace, stopping every evening to speak to different communities about finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

By the time the journey is over, he will have stopped at 32 different Alzheimer’s associations, and that awareness alone is enough inspiration for Fussell to confidently declare he has no plans on stopping until his inspiring journey is over.

“I’ve never had one day, not even one minute, that I can remember thinking what in the world am I doing and maybe I shouldn’t finish this,” said Jack.

Jack is taking his time, after all, the real race is not the running but the quest to raise money for research and awareness. The more time he is out there, the more people’s lives he can touch. His goal, in the end, is to raise $250,000 in funds for Alzheimer’s research, but his message and story will touch the lives of millions.

As one of the largest senior care, home health care, and at home care companies in Indianapolis, we work with inspiring seniors with Alzheimer’s every day that never cease to amaze us. And we are honored to share the news of another inspiring senior that is out there running for a cause bigger than himself.

Keep running, Jack. From all of us at Alliance Home Health Care, we’re behind you!

To learn more about his journey, follow along at his site:


Green Tea, Red Wine, Could Booster Fight Against Dementia

Friday, March 15th, 2013

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Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we here at Alliance Home Health Care decided to share a little “green” news with all our friends. Specifically, a recent study from the University of Leeds that showed that chemicals in green tea and red wine could aid in the fight against dementia.

The study targeted the formation and process of amyloid proteins, thought to bring on the progression of Alzheimer’s by forming clumpy, toxic balls that destroy neuron connections in the brain.

Alone, the proteins destroyed neuron connections in test tubes, but when scientists introduced EGCG from green tea and reservatol in red wine, the proteins no longer attacked the neurons.

The results, as the scientists pointed out in their published study, are promising and could lead to further the progression of Alzheimer’s drugs that could help aid in the fight, or someday hopefully, even eliminate the disease.

“Understanding the causes of Alzheimer’s is vital if we are to find a way of stopping the disease in its tracks.” Said Dr. Simon Ridley, who helped fund the research. “While these early-stage results should not be a signal for people to stock up on green tea and red wine, they could provide an important new lead in the search for new and effective treatments.”

As the quote mentioned, the researchers require more testing to prove the causation and correlation between chemicals in green tea and red wine and preventing Alzheimer’s. But we here at Alliance always have a hopeful mind that this recent string of promising and new research can hopefully lead to a breakthrough in the prevention and elimination of Alzheimer’s.