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New Year’s Resolutions Seniors and Caregivers Can Do Together

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Now that the holidays are coming to an end, families, familial caregivers, and home health care workers and advisers alike are settling back into the swing of things. But, there’s still one big hurdle to cross before normalcy returns, New Year’s Day, and those resolutions we never seem to be able to stick to.

If you’re a family caregiver, or home health aide, juggling the responsibilities of work and family may make it seem more difficult to make time for yourself; as well as if you’re a senior living independently that might need extra assistance around the home. Despite this, there still are some simple changes caregivers and seniors can do TOGETHER to help make 2015 their best year yet.

Below are some ideas:

1.) Talk More

The easiest and most effective way for home health care aides and family caregivers to improve the lives of those they love and are helping is to be open and honest in their discussions of health and quality of life. Take this time this year to resolve to be more direct and open when talking with those you love, and encourage them to do the same.

2.) Take Time for You

It’s important for everyone to take time for themselves. Taking time for you helps one regroup, recover, and come back to helping those they love with a positive mindset and a feeling of refreshment. Often though, the balance of work, family, and helping others makes one feel like taking some time off for their own sake means they’re being selfish and neglecting their duties. However, quite the opposite is true, as overextending yourself can lead to “burnout” and prevent you from doing the best job possible for others.

Conversely, if you’re a senior that has a companion care aide, home health care aide, or familial caregiver, understand that if they set aside a few minutes during the day for them, that they’re doing it to be the best them they can be, for them and for you.

3.) Take Little Steps Towards a Bigger Picture

Often times, resolutions seem to fall by the wayside because we set unrealistic goals, or take on tasks that are too large when we look at them from afar. Instead, take the time this year to accomplish the little things in life can go a big way for your health and well-being. Like, setting up that routine doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off, or taking a few minutes out of your day to walk around the block. Or even, something simple as setting a few minutes aside every week to pick up the phone and call someone you love. After all, studies have shown that even a little conversation or exercise can go a long way towards a better you.

Whatever it is you resolve on this holiday, remember what we say here at Alliance: We’re all in this together.



Including the Elderly in Holiday Festivities

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Holiday parties are a great time for families and friends to get together and celebrate, but for the elderly, they can also be overwhelming, and the non-stop, on-the-go activities can sometimes make your aging friends or loved ones feel like they are being left out. But the good news is, with a little love, and a little effort, there are ways to host a great holiday party and make sure the older ones you love feel like they’re part of the festivities.

Below are some tips:

1.) Plan ahead

We recently read a great article that mentions that including seniors in holiday parties doesn’t start when the guests arrive. In fact, the best way to make sure everyone feels included is to plan your party ahead of time and make sure it’s safe, enjoyable, and inclusive of everyone attending. That means, planning activities seniors can participate in, preparing your home to be a safe environment for those that may have trouble with mobility and sight, and talking with guests about your desire to make sure everyone is involved.

2.) Make them feel welcome

Sometimes, because of the fast pace of the activities and the movement from room-to-room, seniors and the elderly can feel left out. Thus, it’s important to make sure they feel welcome upon arrival. Creating a warm, welcoming environment will not only make the elderly feel like they’re part of the party, but will also encourage them to get involved when they can.

3.) Give them a chance to shine

Another way to help seniors and the elderly feel included during your holiday gatherings is to get them involved in the conversation and encourage them to share memories and stories from holiday’s past. If possible, too, ask them to bring old photos or special keepsakes to the party as well, and ask them to share the significance of them with family. Not only will your loved ones feel included by this, but it will also be a chance for them to tell an interesting story that maybe your family had not heard before, or create new traditions that your family could pass down for generations.

Take the time this holiday season to include everyone you love in your holiday gatherings, and have fun creating your own memories.

And, as always, Happy Holidays. From your friends at Alliance Home Health Care.