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Home Health Care Tips: Fall Safety for Seniors and Caregivers

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


It’s kind of sad to write this, but another summer will soon be in the books, giving way to a cozy fall. And while fall may bring a lot of new joys to our faces, like cozying up by the fire and watching the leaves change colors, they also present a new and unique set of challenges to seniors and those in the home health care industry.

Whether you’re a senior living at home, familial caregiver, or home health care worker or companion, here are some great tips for staying safe this fall season:

1.) Be Fire Safety Minded.

Burning leaves, starting fireplaces, and lighting candles are a few risks that appear more often during the fall. Thus, it’s important for home health care workers or caregivers to make sure that things like candles and fireplaces are put out before you leave, and matches and other flammables are safely and properly put away.

Additionally, and this is especially important for familial caregivers and home health aides that spend a lot of time and someone’s house, take it upon yourself to make sure that a fresh set of batteries are installed in smoke alarms.

2.) Go into Maintenance Mode

There are times during fall, especially heading into winter, when the cold weather can sneak upon us and seemingly come out of nowhere. The nice weather in the late-August/early-September months is the perfect time to make sure that essentials like furnaces or space heaters are up-to-code and working properly. Additionally, if you have a wood fireplace, now would be the perfect time to make sure the chimney is in working order as well.

Taking the time to do the maintenance now can help keep you or someone you care for happy and safe this fall and winter season.

3.) Clear Paths

The season is called fall for a reason: leaves fall. And these leaves can cover driveways, sidewalks, and even be tracked in the house along with mud and moisture. What this mean is fall means preparing for prevention of falls; clearing off sidewalks, driveways and making sure hallways and entry ways are clear of leaves, mud and water.

Fall is a great time of year, no doubt, but if you’re a senior, home health or companionship care worker, or a familial caregiver, make sure to get ready for the changing of the seasons and ensure a safe and enjoyable season.

This Alliance Home Health Care blog is not meant to replace the advice of a doctor or physician.


We Got a Little Help From Some Friends For This Blog

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

This week’s blog is just a little different. We have to admit that usually our Home Health Care blogs come straight from us, but this time we turned it over to some kids who did a pretty cool thing for us this past week.

Here’s what we mean:

Lisa Carpenter of volunteers at a Youth Center, and one of the projects she had for the kids was to research health-related sites and find a valuable resource they can add to it.

The kids did some Googling and stumbled upon our home health care and senior care resources page and decided to find something interesting they could add to our site to help us help our readers learn more about important issues in Home Health Care.

Sure enough, the kids found a very important and informative webpage on the growing trend of dependency and addiction among seniors. And the link is very helpful as not only does it discuss the growing trend of seniors and addiction but provides help for safe pain management in seniors and also provides useful information for caregivers and families who may have a friend or loved one struggling with addiction.

So, thank you Lisa and the kids for sharing this great piece of advice.

But there was one more thing Lisa mentioned as well. She said that if we put the link on our site, the kids would get a pizza day.

So, kids.

We like pepperoni….just saying.