Preventing Falls among Seniors

By Joseph Little

Falls can occur anytime to people of any age. The older someone gets, the more dangerous a simple fall can be. Seniors are more likely to break a bone in a fall. A broken bone for a senior can lead to a long recovery period and loss of independence.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in people age 65 and older. More then 90 percent of hip fractures are caused by falling.
Even if not injured, falling can be very scary to an older adult. A spokesperson from American Physical Therapist Association says you need to make sure they feel comfortable telling you if they fall or are afraid of falling, this could save their life.
Most falls occur because of issues with slipping, balance, slow reflexes, prior illness, poor vision, and medications. Below are 8 areas and ideas to look at when trying to prevent falls in older adults:
1. Bathroom:
You can install grab bars in the shower and near the toilet to assist with getting in and out or up and down. Also, you can use non-slip mats in the shower to help.

2. Stairs:
Installing handrails in hallways or entryways as needed. If stairs are not carpeted, put non-slip treads on them.

3. Check-up:
If your senior has recently become a bit unsteady, have their doctor give them a full physical evaluation to rule out any medical issues. Low blood pressure can cause falls, as can diabetes.

4. Medication:
It is very important to go over all medications, prescription and over-the-counter. Some drug side-effects and drug interactions can cause dizziness, weakness, and drowsiness. If you are worried about your parent, you can set up a Skype chat to remind them, or hire a senior caregiver for as little as a few important tasks or all tasks. For home healthcare in Indiana take a look at Alliance Home Health Care.

5. Exercise:
After a good check-up from their doctor, start an exercise and stretch routine. Less then 40 percent of older Americans exercise. Without exercise, you lose your muscle tone and strength, especially in your legs, which is imperative in maintaining balance.

6. Cane fitting:
Purchasing a cane or walker from a home health aide store can be tempting, but too tall or too short can cause more harm than good. According to Bell, many seniors actually fall because they trip on their canes. If a cane is necessary, work with the therapist to get properly fitted and learn how to use it correctly.

7. Reorganize:
Take a look around your senior’s home and see what looks like might give them a problem. A few simple adaptations can make your parent’s home much safer and help them age in place even longer. Areas include: proper lighting, clutter, cords and throw rugs.
If they are living with you, reorganizing your house can help as well. Try to make everything accessible for them on one level. This significantly can reduce the risk of falling on stairs, which can cause the most harm.

8. Pendants:
After doing all of this, a final step in helping your loved ones is to get them a pendent that can be worn around their neck and in case of emergency, allows them to push a button to get immediate medical help. Most systems run about $1 a day for full-time monitoring.

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