Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy Services

We offer occupational, speech and physical therapy specifically for seniors and elderly adults living at home or in an assisted living environment. As dedicated Alliance staff members, our experienced and licensed therapists help to ensure your loved one can live independently and safely in their home environment. Our therapists work within each client's plan of care to relieve pain, promote healing and restore function and movement. They also conduct functional assessments of the home environment, mental health and fall risk to ensure the client remains as safe as possible.

One-on-One Therapy

Therapy is often prescribed to assist our clients in many ways:

Physical TherapyOccupational TherapySpeech Therapy
Conducting physical exercises with client to reduce pain or increase flexibility or strength xx
Adapting client movement or behavior to independently perform self-care (feeding, dressing, bathing, etc.) xx
Sourcing and helping client adapt to the use of durable medical equipment (wheelchair, walker, etc.) xx
Improving or relearning gross motor skills (coordination, balance, range of motion, etc.) xx
Fitting and usage of prosthetics or orthotics xx
Assessing and treating swallowing disorders x
Maximizing verbal or written communication skills x
Conducting exercises to improve coordination, memory and cognition xxx

Client Assessments

Our therapists also work with home health care nurses to assess our clients’ health and home environment. Assessments may include:

  • Environmental Assessment
    A thorough, in-home or on-site assessment of the client’s daily environment and ability to perform regular daily tasks. Therapists will suggest modifications to ensure the client’s safety.
  • Fall Risk and Balance Assessment
    Thoroughly assessing sense of balance may include surveying the client’s vision, gait and mobility, in addition to identifying medications which may cause drowsiness or sluggish behavior. Therapists will suggest appropriate physical and behavioral modifications to reduce fall risk.
  • Cognitive Assessment
    This assessment may include, but is not limited to, observing the client for cognitive impairments, memory loss, judgment, problem solving and onset of depression or dementia.
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“Rose and Violet have been angels to Margaret and our family. They have treated her with complete dignity and respect and great care.”
— Client’s family member

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